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“It’s True” Reason BLACKPINK Members Perfectly Fit Luxury Brand Ambassadors, Knetz Agreed

Knetizens agreed to the reason BLACKPINK Members fits luxury brand ambassadors perfectly


When I watch Chanel fashion show, I think of Jennie

When I watch Saint Laurent fashion show, I think of Rosé

When I watch Dior fashion show, I think of Jisoo

When I watch Celine fashion show, I think of Lisa

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I can’t help but think of them because they wear them so often. well done image

2. I really like Rosé Saint Laurent

3. Wow this is kinda weird.

4. I don’t know about Celine, but the three above really match right away

5. It’s true… I don’t know much about idols these days, but I can imagine their faces.

6. Since they became ambassadors and wear them often, it comes to mind of course, and that’s great

7. A company with a luxury brand invested in YG, so they use it. It’s not stupid, it’s pathetic

8. It’s because they are ambassadors, so they wear that style a lot.. lol

9. Even wearing Celine jeans on the street is so Lisa-like.

10. The second outfit for Dior is just Jisoo.


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