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IU’s K-drama Wardrobes, From “Producers” To “Hotel Del Luna,” Are MesmeriZing.

IU treats her K-dramas like a runway show.
Every time she takes on a new K-drama role, IU not only wins over viewers with her acting and beauty but also wins them over with her on-screen style. Every time, IU and her styling team make sure she is dressed exquisitely and complements the roles well. Here are three illustrations.

1. Hotel Del Luna

The drama where IU visually left the biggest impression was “Hotel Del Luna.” In fact, “Hotel Del Luna” is frequently cited as having some of the best wardrobes in K-dramas. IU wore 122 different outfits, all from high-end brands, over the course of 16 episodes. Due to the fact that her character has lived for more than a thousand years and has experienced numerous historical eras, she also wore clothing that reflects the shift in time, ranging from Hanbok to vintage and modern. IU as Jang Man Wol radiates the same opulent and assured aura in any era.

2. THE Producers

IU portrays Cindy, a well-known female idol, in “THE Producers.” Cindy looked stunning in her eye-catching attire, exuding the posh, distant aura of a celebrity and living up to her nickname of “Ice princess.” IU nailed her role thanks to her cool, sophisticated charm and stylish attire.

3. Moon Lovers

Since “Moon Lovers” is primarily set in a historical setting as opposed to the previous two dramas, IU wore hanbok for the majority of the time and once again turned every scene into a fashion show. The majority of the hanboks worn by IU are vibrantly colored and creatively designed, looking both current and period-appropriate.

In addition, because her character is a time traveler from the modern era, the youthfulness of IU’s hanboks further distinguishes her.

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