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“I’ve Never Heard Their Song” NCT DREAM At Seoul Music Awards Daesang, Knetz Criticize

Knetizens are not convinced of NCT DREAM’s Daesang win at the 32nd Seoul Music Awards

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s really funny hahahaha Why did you lower the authority of the award yourself..?

2. I don’t know the song to be called a singer who received the Daesang… Is the fandom happy with this?

3. If you don’t manipulate it, you won’t be able to receive the target

4. I really couldn’t believe it

5. Congratulations, I knew it would be because it was SM

6. I’ve never heard their songs

7. I’m not even surprised

8. I don’t even know any NCT Dream songs

9. 2023 Seoul Music Awards Daesang – Aespa, congratulations in advance~

10. But what is the difference between NCT and NCT Dream? Is it a completely different group?


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