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Sua, a member of the group Dreamcatcher, confronted her first OST following her debut.

The OST Part.7 “Still with you” from KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Beautiful Namdang,” in which Sua took part as a vocalist, will be made available on the 16th at noon on various online music sites.

A ballad with a dreamy ambiance in harmony with acoustic guitar arpeggios and warm synth elements, “Still With You” is an amazing tune with Sua’s crystal-clear vocals.

Sua intends for “Still With You” to not only complement “Handsome Party,” but also to reassure listeners by singing a straightforward promise that they will be together in the past, present, and future.

Sua expressed her excitement to be with the group through Dreamcatcher Company, saying, “It’s my first time working on an OST for a drama, and it’s meaningful to participate in a show I generally enjoy.” I hope you will listen to it a lot because I was quite excited about it and it was enjoyable to record. Please take the time to watch “Beautiful Man” a lot.

Sua, who took on the task of her debut OST with “Still With You,” is a versatile member of Dreamcatcher who holds a variety of positions, including performance, singing, and rap. He demonstrated his endless palatability with cover songs like “Havana,” “COPYCAT,” and “Every second of you,” and he also displayed all of his charm in the solo song “Do Not.” have.

The “2022 Dreamcatcher World Tour [Apocalypse: Save Us] in America” was successfully completed by Sua’s Dreamcatcher last month.

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