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Ive’S Jang Wonyoung Is Airing On Japanese Tv, Knetz React

Knetz are discussing about Ive’s Jang Wonyoung on Japanese TV, her smile was amazing

She really seems to get prettier the more I look at her.

What kind of stretching are you doing in the second pic?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. From the days of Producer until now, it seems like she’s been a legend… From love to now, I think she’s the prettiest right now

2. I love you next album, so I’m really really looking forward to this time’s activities ㅠ You’re so pretty, wow nying ㅠ

3. It very different from the Wonyoung Jang I knew… ha…

4. Beautiful day by day

5. Princess Wonyoung is so pretty, my sister loves it♡

6. Jang Won-young’s consistent management is really amazing. My abs were really clear.

7. I’m surprised Japanese girls are so pretty

8. Wonyoung, what do you eat, you’re so cute, you’re crazy

9. When Wonyoung says it’s the cutest bunny bunny, my front teeth stick out and I get bruised lol. Wearing a blue stage costume, that’s really cute. I’ve watched that more than 20 times. It’s really cute.

10. I love you, my little baby Wonyoung who is bigger than me


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