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IVE’s Yujin’s Profile Reads, “She’s Definitely Over 174cm,” Which Causes Netizens To Second-Guess Her Height.

The height listed on IVE’s Yujin’s profile made internet users pause.

A recent internet video clip of IVE’s Yujin dancing with rapper Lee Young Ji from an episode of the variety show “Earth Arcade” went viral. Many online viewers picked up on Yujin’s abnormally tall stature in the video. Yujin was wearing a summer dress that showed off her long legs and ideal proportions as she stood next to Lee Young Ji, who is also known to be quite tall. The netizen said, “Although they are both wearing no shoes, Yujin is taller than Lee Young Ji. Look! Lee Young Ji stands at 175.5 cm.”

Internet users commented:

What height then is required for Jang Wonyoung?

“She is not only tall, but she has wonderful proportions as well. She has a small head, a short upper body, and extremely lengthy legs.”

She is approximately 174 cm tall but is unquestionably not over.

“If she is tall, is that not a positive thing? Her height, physique, and aesthetics are all quite great.”

So envious.

“Jang Wonyoung is 177 cm tall, according to a YouTuber I believe, but I believe she has dropped her height (on her profile) for the benefit of her admirers.”

“I’m TT so envious. I would like to be at least 10 cm taller.”

“That is what makes me jealous. TTTT.”

The fact that Lee Young Ji is 175 cm tall is even more startling.

“She is well equipped. So envious.”

How tall is Jang Wonyoung exactly, then?

That only increases my admiration for her.

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