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IZ*ONE Jang Won-young’s Tweety Bang Is Getting Popular Gradually, Knetizens Discuss

Knetizens are discussing how Jang Won-young is gradually getting trending because of her new look.


At first I thought it was really weird, but the more I
look at it, the cuter and lovely it looks.
But I won’t do it because it looks like it’s going to come down after I do it

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It was popular first, but there was a buzz about you and Jang Won-young’s hair being weird.

2. Jang Won-young was more wavy and wrinkled, and if she do it naturally, the general public is fine too.

3. It may look pretty when you’re full and have your hair set, but…

4. Jang Won-young did it after it became popular in the first place.

5. My friend used to have a chubby bang and was miserable, so I recently changed to a tweety bang, but I just become a person with a lot of fine hair and don’t get messy if I don’t press it every time..

6. Jang Won-young is pretty

7. It was popular because of IU.

8. Jang Won-young didn’t make it popular, it was originally posted on Instagram feed, but it’s rare to find someone who looks good with this haircut

9. That’s right, this was originally from IU

10. But even if she has a small and pretty face, I don’t think it would be good if she wore a mask…


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