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J.Y. Park’s Father Has Late-Stage Dementia.

J.Y. Park told JOA Choir after their performance that his father had late-stage dementia.

J.Y. Park discussed his father’s illness while offering JOA Choir feedback on SBS’s “Sing For Gold” on November 6. Today he said, “I hate talking about anything but judging. I kept thinking about my father. Dad has late-stage dementia. I’m unknown. I sometimes think it’s lucky that Covid-19 prevents me from visiting my father because it saddens me to see him not recognize me. I can’t stand it.”

Further, “I’m supposed to critique your performance, but I kept thinking about him. You captivated me. You did it again this time. In a perfect world, this song wouldn’t have resonated. Today, everyone hurts. Sadness outnumbers happiness, especially beyond 40. You sang the songs well since you’re mostly not in your 20s or 30s.”

His feedback concluded, “I don’t enjoy giving input on non-technical matters, but your performance hooked me. I don’t know what comprehensive feedback to give.”

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