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Jang Won-young’s Nickname, ‘Nation’s Granddaughter And God-baby’, Knetz React

Why Jang Won-young is so obsessed with the ‘nation granddaughter and God baby tittle?

It kinda feels like a nickname that only I can have because it’s so cute”

I’ll go with ‘god-baby’
– It seems like a nickname that only I can have”

When it’s god-baby, it’s Wonyoung and if it’s Wonyoung, it’s god-baby”

Shout ‘World Wide god-baby'”

Rei unnie!”

Rei unnie?
Rei unnie???
(confused mind)”

Captions: Wonyoungie has smaller hands. The clothes she’s wearing are also Wonyong’s
Jang Wonyoung: Yiseo unnie~ god-baby is meㅎ
Ahn Yujin: (she said) “Yiseo unnieㅋㅋㅋ”
Jang Wonyoung (19)
Yiseo (16)”

Nickname: god-baby, nation’s granddaughter

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Since when did you hear the voice of the nation’s granddaughter?

2. The youngest image is different now.. I keep obsessing over it.

3. Self-proclaimed national granddaughter?

4. I think you’re obsessed with Jang Won-young. What’s wrong with you? The reality is, Jang Won-young is doing better now. Thank you for raising the topic!

5. No, apart from this, I think it’s the first time I’ve heard the term “national granddaughter”… Why not the national sister? Is the national sister lineup so glamorous that they just replaced it with the national granddaughter?

6. Don’t hate Jang Won-young too much.

7. Jang Won-young is a heavenly idol forever~♥ When Jang Won-young walks on the building’s main road, they walk on the high road, this is the difference in life. Dying of envy is clearly evident in the article.

8. At a young age, she has a slender body that contrasts with the baby face face, so the nickname “Gatgi” is perfect.

9. What is the national granddaughter all of a sudden? I’ve never heard of it, but who made it?

10. Jang Won-young doesn’t like Korean food


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