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Jang Wonyoung Speaks Chinese fluently, Knetz Surprised

Knetizens wonder how Jang Wonyoung pronounce Chinese so well even though she’s never been to China? Jang Wonyoung is suspiciously fluent in Chinese

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jang Won-young’s English pronunciation is good

2. You say your dad is a Chinese actor?

3. It’s an intonation for a native speaker’s pronunciation. Chinese that is difficult to come out if you don’t use it every day. surprising.

4. She did well, even if she is not good enough

5. Chinese people don’t speak English well because of their Chinese pronunciation.

6. I heard that Wonyoung also has good English pronunciation, but in fact, she was American. Korean is good too; Korea, USA, Japan, China, four nationalities.

7. Jang Won-young’s English pronunciation is good and Japanese pronunciation is also good

8. Oh, Wonyoung Jang is now fluent in Chinese, isn’t it?

9. Jang Wonyoung pronounces English well, right? I guess she can pronounce other languages well, you are pathetic

10. Even if you’ve never been to the US, you can still speak English well


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