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Jang Wooyoung’s Height With Heights Of Other Male Celebrities, Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are comparing heights of other male celebrities and that of Jang Wonyoung the tall Idol.


Even like this, people keep saying that Jang Wonyoung is lying on her profile and that because of other male idols, He must be 180 cm tall

Rain: 185 cm

Jang Sung Kyu: 187 cm

Furuya Masayuki: 179 cm

Yoon Hoo: 172.7 cm

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jang Seong-gyu is bigger than I thought

2. I think Jang Won-young said 173 in her mouth, but over there, she looks similar to Yoon-hoo, who is 172.7.

3. Other celebrities are seriously small, so… I’m surprised to see celebrities in real life, they are too small and have a very small body.

4. Male idol fans are all making giants. Looking at the height difference, it seems like they are in their early 170s.

5. Jang Seong-gyu is tall, I know

6. Jang Won-young I think it would be around 174~175, isn’t it? There are a lot of male idols these days who aren’t even in their mid-170s lol;

7. When I say around Seonghoon 180, it’s similar to that Japanese, isn’t it?

8. Just looking at this, I think it’s because the proportions are so good.. The right side of the gel is 170, but honestly, it’s similar.

9. But Warnyeong’s face is really small.. I was surprised when I saw the third picture.

10. Rain 185 absolutely absolutely not!! About 178-180, my older brother is 184, so I know it well.


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