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Jennie And Park Seo Joon Two-Shot At The Chanel Show, Knetz Discuss

Although though the worlds of K-Pop and K-Dramas don’t frequently collide, there are a few occasions when netizens lose it when their favorite genres are together.

Yesterday, fans were treated to an unexpected exchange between actor Park Seo Joon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.
The two appear to have nothing in common at first glance that would connect them. They both represent the luxury brand Chanel, and their appearances and picture shoots for the company have dazzled online viewers.
Jennie went to the Chanel show for Fashion Week on March 7 (KST).

The idol, as expected, looked stunning and attracted attention for her new makeup look, which was much darker than what netizens are used to seeing. Jennie was the focus of attention and exuded beauty in her stark white jumpsuit.

Jennie, however, wasn’t the only Korean Chanel ambassador present. Park Seo Joon joined Jennie and they both looked quite dapper in the brand’s signature tartan jackets.
Despite the fact that they both attended, nobody would have anticipated that they would interact… BUT IT DID HAPPEN!

Jennie and Park Seo Joon were spotted speaking inside the event in a video that is, naturally, going viral.
Jennie briefly appears to be taken aback when Park Seo Joon approaches her and appears to be about to touch her. Yet when they both began laughing, they indicated that they found it amusing.

If that wasn’t adorable enough, a second video featuring the two was shared shortly after the first one.

Park Seo Joon and Jennie appeared to be waiting for the media to capture their pictures while they were together. Park Seo Joon made Jennie giggle before the pictures were even taken, and he once more exuded nervousness as he began striking various postures.
Of course, they both took beautiful photos, and their combined images were unmistakable.

The moment Park Seo Joon spoke something to Jennie and the idol had to turn away in laughing made internet users drool, though. Park Seo Joon, being the gentleman that he is, went to cover Jennie so that the press wouldn’t see her.
Allowing male stars and female idols to mingle at fashion events is always a breath of fresh air. During the year 2022, Lisa, a fellow member of BLACKPINK, attracted recognition for her positive connections with Park Bo Gum and V from BTS.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jennie has smokey makeup today, so she looks like a cat

2. Park Seo Joon has good manners, Jennie is charming and pretty

3. Jennie is seriously so pretty

4. I wonder what he said to make her laugh

5. No, the worldview has collapsed

6. Park Seo Joon is so close to V, that’s why they don’t look awkward when taking pictures together, right?

7. It’s not that Jennie doesn’t look awkward, but I think Park Seo Joon has good manners with people who take pictures with him

8. Both are handsome and pretty…

9. Are the two of them Chanel ambassadors? What event is it?

10. Jennie doesn’t look awkward compared to when she takes pictures with other celebrities!


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