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‘Jennie Is A Bad Korean’ Blackpink Jennie Is Being Terrorized By Jisoo’s Fans.

Both Jennie and Jisoo are in the same idols group, why is Jisoo’s teaser not link to Jennie’s Instagram story? Knetizens torment Jennie


Jennie is terrorizing for not uploading the YouTube link to Jisoo’s teaser on Instagram Story; I don’t know if I have to upload it , but there are times when I can’t upload it.

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Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jisoo’s villains’ nephews are cool ㅋㅋ They go out and curse at me for not posting it on the teaser story, but it’s strange that I didn’t post it ㅇjㅎ I’m shaking ㅋㅋ So Jisoo’s fandom is like that lol

2. BLACKPINK’s special evil If you publicize the evil one, you don’t lose, you start by keeping your mouth shut haha It’s Ji’s favorite fandom, because it’s worse to be insulted by the fandom than to be insulted by a member

3. At Ready Pole, Jisoo sang even the Jenny part, but with that, Jisoo proudly said it was the blackest song, so I guess she didn’t upload the teaser because she was upset lol

4. Jisoo fans these days, Lisa’s fandom is full of viciousness that threatens Lisa’s fandom Hahahahaha

5. All four members of Blackpink are fierce, and not only do we know that popular idols have fierce fights with evildoers ㅋㅋ Ah, I don’t know because Ngubonjin is a nerd, so I don’t know because there are no evil fights ㅇㅋㅇㅋ

6. Stop spreading this one-sided comment. The popularity of all four is just group-level popularity, so the fandom is big, so there are a lot of nephews like this ㅜㅜ It’s crazy.

7. But in Blackpink, the real members seem to get along very well, but the gang fans are raging.. Last time, Lisa’s fan, Jennie’s fan, and now Jisoo’s fan..

8. You’re doing an awful lot of shit. Haha There are hundreds of thousands of comments. Stupid Gaeyeon, what’s the purpose of bringing up some of those posts? Anti-malicious splitting anti-Jung Byung-ryun asshole

9. You’re talking like a distant check. Think about it with common sense. Even if the relationship isn’t good, would you tease me like that?

10. These guys are bad guys in Korea, especially Jenniakgae


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