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“Jennie’s Boyfriend” BTS V Has An Innocent Look, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting to BTS V new photo, saying he is pure and has innocent look. Some said he is innocent that is why he is dating Jennie

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You look good even at 5 in the morning

2. The V fans are so low-key that they say they are unique when they see that? In my eyes, it’s normal to decent

3. Wow, you look so handsome, I admire you as soon as I see you

4. Knit is pretty, but it must be expensive

5. V is so pathetic that public opinion isn’t good, so I’m trying to get it up on the board somehow

6. Because he’s innocent, he’s dating Jennie

7. The clothes are pretty, I want to know information about those knitwear and jeans

8. Today’s outfit is so pretty

9. Yes, Jenny’s boyfriend, the best-selling pigs are still dating while denying reality.

10. Handsome is the best ㅋㅋ All of the photos of V’s articles look like photos from home.


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