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Jin Of BTS Claims He Has No Friends.

Jin of BTS claims to have no friends.

Jin appeared as a guest on the most recent episode of ‘No Prepare,’ and he opened up about his personal life. He declared, “I am socially inept. I began my trainee career at the age of 20. I don’t have any friends. If you look at my contact list right now, you’ll notice that I only have about ten celebrities on it.”

The reason, according to the BTS member, is “Many people think we’re too much trouble to have as friends, so they avoid us. All of my relationships have been shattered as a result of this work.” Lee Young Ji, the host of ‘No Prepare,’ responded, “You’re not a bother at all. You’re like a family member. It feels at ease.”

Watch the above episode of ‘No Prepare,’ and make sure to turn on the English captions!

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