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Jung Chaeyeon Had A Clavicle Fracture And Concussion, Knetz Sympathise

Knetizens feel sorry for a singer and an actress Jung Chaeyeon as she fell and had a fracture on her clavicle and also a concussion…. They wish her quick recovery

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If it is a clavicle fracture, she can’t turn my upper body well to the side, she can’t run well, and she have to wear a cast for a long time…

2. Oh my gosh, it hurts. Rest well and feel good.

3. It could have been really dangerous

4. Hey, what should I do… Hope the surgery goes well and you recover quickly

5. No, how the heck did you fall, you had a concussion on your clavicle fracture.

6. Clavicle fracture is really painful…

7. Really, Chaeyeon-ah get well soon

8. Fortunately, there are no scratches on the pretty dragon eye..

9. Oh, I hope you get well soon…

10. If it’s a clavicle fracture, you’ve hit the ground hard with your face.


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