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“Just Let Them Date”, NCT 127 Haechan And ITZY Ryujin Wears Matched Couple Items, Knetz React

Haechan and Ryujin have matching couple items…. Knetizens are Discussing About them


Haechan and Ryujin have more than one or two matching couple items They also always wear adidas track suit, but I don’t think that’s a couple item. I think they wear the same track suit back and forth

Knetizens Reactions:

1. No, why did you delete this? Couple earphones are such a big hit

2. Just leave them alone, it’s not like they are not doing their job properly

3. I feel sorry for Ryujin

4. But there are so many couple items..? I haven’t seen so many couple items in real ordinary couples.

5. Even if they get caught with two shots of the same sketch, Haechan app will gets sloppy and fakes it up.

6. Seeing this, it seems like it’s easy to fall in love without awareness

7. If it’s a couple item because they use the same thing, then are all stone tablets a couple hahahahahahahahaha

8. They can’t force it together, so it seems like they’re nervous.

9. Whether they are dating or not, they are working hard at their job, so please leave them alone.

10. Just let them date. They both have a lot of energy, so they seem to fit well.


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