JWIIVER Jukang Profile, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Background, Net Worth 2023

About Jukang

JuKang is the stage name of South Korean singer Lee Hyowon, who is signed to Star Weave Entertainment. As the maknae of the boy band JWiiver, he made his debut on February 17, 2022.


BIRTH NAME: Lee Hyowon

BIRTH DATE: November 22, 2002

BIRTH PLACE: Daegu, South Korea.



Early Life And Career

Jukang is a member of the pre-debut boy band JWiiver. Shita, Rihan, Roshin, Ryujei, Roats, Gabin K, and Jukang make up the group’s seven members. Under Starweave Entertainment, they were founded.

South Korea is where he was born.

His early life is largely unknown.

JTG Boys and JWiiver in 2020–2022.
They later re-introduced him as a JWiiver member on February 10, 2022, using the stage name JuKang. On February 17, they released their debut album, Jtrap, a little album.

Jukang is his stage name. Lee Hyowon is his real name. On November 22, 2002, he was born. As of 2022, he will be roughly 20 years old. He is of Korean descent. Sagittarius is his zodiac sign.

He plays bass and is the group’s Maknae.

Jukang Quick Facts

He is from the South Korean city of Daegu. His smile is one of his best charms.
He enjoys eating.
Blue is his preferred hue.
When he was in high school’s third year, he desired to become an idol. In other words, between the ages of 17 and 18.
He is interested in learning Chinese and Japanese.
When they embark on a world tour, he wants to visit every nation, but Japan is where he wants to start.
His residences include Singapore and Penang, Malaysia. He still recalls the meal he had and how hot the food was.
Mee goreng and the pencil- and spiderman-shaped ice cream are two of his favorite Malaysian dishes.
SM, JYP, and BigHit used social media and the streets to cast him.
In February 2021, he received his high school diploma.
On October 2, 2020, his identity was formally announced.
He was a founding member of the group before its debut.
He is ridiculed by the group since he always dresses the worst. He looks up “outfits of the day” (ootd) and declares that his college major was modeling.
According to Ryujei, Jukang’s shoulders are as broad as the Pacific.
The members decided that because he has a tendency to be sour, he would be the least preferred father-in-law.
He shares the title of “most self-loving member” with Rihan.
He worried that he damaged his makeup every time he puts or removes a mask.
He also wonders if his shoulders are too broad.
He, Ryujei, and Shita tied for having personalities that differed from first impressions.
He worked as a trainee for MBK Entertainment, which is now known as PocketDol Studio.
Pat is the name of his Cocker Spaniel.
He thinks he and Pat (Pat?) look remarkably alike.
He has an infant brother.
He doesn’t do meat on the grill very well.
He suggests braised spicy chicken as a delectable.

Jukang Girlfriend

About his romantic life and relationships, not much is known.

Jukang Net worth

Jugang’s net worth is still unknown, although his key sources of income are his profession and his talent.

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