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JWIIVER Ryujei Profile, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Background, Net Worth 2023

About Ryujei

A South Korean artist signed to Star Weave Entertainment is Chae Hocheol (also known as Ryujei). As a backup dancer, he began his career by appearing in the music videos for the girl group Berry Good. He also took part in the MNET survival show BOYS24.


BIRTH NAME: Chae Hocheol

BIRTH DATE: November 8, 1997

BIRTH PLACE: Incheon, South Korea.

HEIGHT: 5’9″


Early Life And Career

A pre-debut boy group called JWiiver from South Korea includes Ryujei. Shita, Rihan, Roshin, Ryujei, Roats, Gabin K, and Jukang are the other members of the group. On February 17, 2022, they make their debut. They were established by Starweave Entertainment.

He goes by the stage name Ryujei. He was given the name Chae Hocheol at birth. On November 8, 1997, he was born. By the year 2023, he will be close to 26 years old. He attends Jakjeon High School, He is a native of Korea. Scorpio is his astrological sign.

JTG Boys and JWiiver in 2020–2022.
They later reintroduced him as a JWiiver member on February 8, 2022, using the stage name Ryujei. On February 17, they released their debut album, Jtrap, a little album.

Ryujei Quick Facts

He was created in South Korea’s Incheon.
Education: Jakjeon High School
He excels in dances performed by girl groups.
The group’s mood is set by him. He is responsible for motivating the team.
The group’s “aegyo manager” is him.
He often smiles and winks in his selfies.
His younger sister is called Yoona.
When he told his mother he wanted to be a singer, she assumed he was making fun of her.
He frequently steals the group members’ food, so they have to hide munchies.
Among the group, he sheds the most tears. When the food isn’t nice, he starts to cry. He even started to cry when he realized how beautiful the Han river was.
The members whose personalities differed from first impressions are tied between Him, Shita, and Jukang.
In contrast to emojis, he favors kaomojis.
He was an intern with DSP Media.
He took part in the Boys24 competition, which helped create the group IN2IT.
He was once well-liked on Facebook.
Nicknames include Vegetable Boy (from his time on Boys24) and (Hongsam, “red ginseng”).
He worked with Berry Good as a backup dancer.
He is an extremely vivacious and vivacious individual.
He came out on September 2, 2020.
He was a founding member of the lineup prior to the debut.
A cardigan is his preferred piece of clothing.
He like the song “Last Christmas” by Ariana Grande.
His catchphrase is “Let’s go to Fluffy” (A quiet individual who can answer).
He goes under the monikers Rabbit and Our Homie.
His specific skill is jumping rope, and his pleasure is beautifying things.He had two iced Americanos, which is his TMI.
His favorite foods include milkshakes, french fries, doejang stew, and cheese balls.
Squid and gopchang are his least preferred dishes because of how rough they are.
He is unable to find a method to relax.
Zion is his role model.Kyuhyun, T, and his mother.
Giving up what he enjoys is the scariest prospect for him.

Ryujei Girlfriend

Little is known about his history of relationships and love affairs.

Ryujei Net worth

Although his profession and talent serve as his primary sources of income, Ryujei Net Worth is still unknown.

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