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JYP And YG Do Not Deserve Their ‘Big Agency’ Titles Anymore [Knetz]

For many years, YG has been the sole company where BLACKPINK has achieved success. With the exception of Stray Kids, JYP’s performance is deteriorating. They must continue to be known as a huge agency simply because they once achieved that distinction.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If you look at JYP’s market capitalization, you wouldn’t say this

2. You don’t even know what they’re doing overseas

3. TWICE is still at their peak, what are you saying? And ITZY is doing well overseas too

4. I think JYP deserves to be called a big agency with just that boy group

5. But isn’t Stray Kids the top boy group these days?

6. YG deserves to be called a big agency with just BLACKPINK

7. If you know the market capitalization of JYP, the sales of TWICE and Stray Kids are huge, they are a big agency

8. Do you think that Big3 is Big3 just because of their results?

9. BLACKPINK alone makes them a big agency

10. You don’t know how popular BLACKPINK is overseas


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