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JYP Entertainment Is Receiving Criticism For Censoring Stray Kids

JYP Entertainment, the record label behind the popular K-Pop group Stray Kids, has recently come under fire from the group’s admirers for allegedly censoring the renowned musical octet.

Throughout their tenure in the industry, the boys have adhered to the parental guide’s regulations, which require them to minimize or eliminate content that may affect children and adolescents.
The leader Bang Chan and the rest of the members are aware that they must censor explicit language in their live broadcasts and chat rooms; recently, admirers heard the group singing ‘TOPLINE’, and they did not hesitate to censor the lyrics that read “We don’t give a fuck”

Despite the fact that many fans agree with the censorship, they also want to listen to the original song. However, it appears that this will not be possible, as it has been revealed that the word “fuck” has been removed from the song’s Spotify lyrics and fans have reacted on social media.

STAY has criticized JYP Entertainment for this reason, as it appears they were responsible for the group’s censorship. Despite the fact that it has not yet been confirmed that the boys were responsible, the company has received tens of thousands of tweets criticizing its treatment of the boys.

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