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K-netizens respond to reports that Park Soo Hong was taken to the hospital after being beaten by his own father.

On October 4, it was reported that TV personality Park Soo Hong had been injured by his own father during cross-examination at the prosecutor’s office and had been taken to the hospital.

The cross-examination of Park Soo Hong with his brother, who had just been detained on suspicion of embezzlement, was scheduled to begin at 10 AM on this particular day at the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office. There were Park Soo Hong’s father and brother present.

During the cross-examination, Park Soo Hong’s father struck Park Soo Hong several times while threatening to “k*ll you with a weapon” and other things.

An ambulance and police officers were sent right away to the scene of the unforeseen assault in the prosecutor’s office. Then, Park Soo Hong was taken by ambulance directly to the hospital. Although Park Soo Hong’s injuries are not known to be severe, it is clear that shock and extreme stress caused Park Soo Hong to lose consciousness.

K-netizens were left perplexed and shocked after hearing the news. They congregated in an online forum to voice their outrage and condemn Park Soo Hong’s family.

commented, “I feel so bad for Park Soo Hong,” “What are the prosecutors doing when he was getting beat?” “Is Park Soo Hong not his son?” “Their whole family is deranged,” “I feel so bad for Park Soo Hong, I would feel so disgusted by my parents and brother if they were like that,” “They’re not his family,” “Omg, I’m worried about Park Soo Hong,” “I really feel bad for Park Soo Hong, how can they do that to him,” “How can they call themselves parents,” “Are they no ashamed of themselves?” “They appeared on television shows and showed their face and everything,” “This is so crazy,” “His whole family needs to be punished,” “They are really crossing the line,” “Can they call themselves human?” “I’m so baffled and speechless,” and “This is so unfortunate.”

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