K-Netizens Wonder Why These Pictures Of Red Velvet’s Wendy Are Not Trending

Netizens React to Wendy’s Pictures not going viral even though color blue looks pretty on her.

See Netizens Reactions below:

1. Wendy looks prettier when seen from up close than from far away. especially from the side.

2. I first saw it when I was in level elementary school, and I liked Wendy because she was so pretty… She sang well…

3. I know it as Wendy Galworm, but what is the reason blue suits you so well?? Doesn’t it just go well with the image regardless of the perk? Or is it just white skin?


5. The levels are pretty, but Irene is one-top, so I can’t see it well ㅠㅠ Wendy had plastic surgery because of an accident, but she got plastic surgery from it ㅇㅇㅇ

6. Wendy just looks so fairy-like… Well, I think she can take any color well.

7. I’m not just a fan, but it’s nice to see Wendy’s face looking so good.


9. Did Wendy fans have amnesia? She said that she had to have plastic surgery after she fell off, but even before the accident, her face kept changing and she had plastic surgery, so why fabricate it? Would you call it a plastic surgery addiction?

10. Wendy looks like a pretty witch from a fairy tale book, so it has a mysterious feeling. Personally, I think she’s the prettiest in her level.


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