K-netz Discuss BTS Ranking 3rd Among The Global Artists Who Sold The Most Album In The Past 30 Years.

In the last 30 years, the number of albums sold worldwide by artists is said to be BTS in the 3rd place.

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. It’s been the last 30 years, but since it’s been 10 years since BTS debuted in 2013, it’s actually only 9 years worth.

2. It’s crazy really…….Wow, he’s the youngest among them and he’s only 9 years old…

3. Why do you like them? They are really people who are hacking and distributing hidden cameras. Why is it that a group that shouted mysticism is suddenly making celebrity friendships this year?

4. It’s cumulative, so the more years you have, the better, right? Of course, under the premise that he was a singer who continued to thrive.

5. Wow Eminem sold like that in 5 years It’s amazing

6. Ha ha I’m really sorry to think like this, but I must have made a lot of money..? 3rd place in the world ha… ..envy… Of course, I know that I worked hard, but I just envy the money…

7. 1st is Eminem 2nd is Taylor Swift 3rd Bulletproof 4th Britney Spears 5th Adele 6th Coldplay Is this? It’s a bulletproof spot among the world’s best singers

8. It’s really super awesome Walkle Shoes, this modifier is not worth it

9. Starting point of the Laxene Retirement Phase from 2020

10. I can’t stand the sound of bulletproof albums, I like dogs


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