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K-pop Fans Feel Aespa’s Karina And IVE’s Jang Won Young Are The Best 4th-Generation Female Idols.

K-pop fans chose aespa’s Karina and IVE’s Jang Won Young as the top 4th-generation female idols.

A Nate Pann discussion regarding the two most popular female idol group members began on November 3. The netizen who sparked the discussion noted that Karina and Jang Won Young are their groups’ most popular members and visuals.

Other K-netizens agreed with the post and said that the two members might get hate but are the most popular girl group members from the 4th generation.

“No one can argue that Karina and Jang Won Young are the two top popular,” K-netizens said. “They’re the top two because they’re always the current subject,” “Karina? Many despise Jang Won Young,” “Karina has overwhelming images,” “They’re Nate Pann’s most loathed idols,” “I used to not like Karina,” but “I think Karina is the finest.”

Think? Karina and Jang Won Young—the best 4th generation female idols?