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K-Pop Fans Increasingly Shocked By BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Outspoken Statements On ‘The Idol’

Jennie, a member of the internationally renowned K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK, recently debuted in the HBO series ‘The Idol’, where she has sparked a great deal of controversy due to the daring lines she delivers in the production.

Due to the role she portrays, a dancer named Dyanne, who is a friend of Jocelyn, the series’ protagonist portrayed by Lily-Rose Depp, the interpretation of the South Korean idol has recently generated much discussion on social networks.
This began when, in the first episode, she became a trend by performing a sensual performance with very bold moves that garnered a great deal of backlash from fans and netizens who disapproved of the image that the BLACKPINK member was displaying to the public.

Although viewers were able to see more of the character in the second episode, it was revealed that Dyanne had an intimate relationship with Tedros, portrayed by The Weeknd and the fiancé of the show’s protagonist.

In the meeting between the two characters, the dancer asked Tedros if “Jocelyn was better in bed than her”; this was a scene that some people enjoyed because of the character turn, but many others were uncomfortable with how she interpreted the lines.

According to fans who watched the commented HBO series, Jennie’s bold sequences were hampered by the script, despite the fact that many social media users praised her performance.

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