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Karina And Winter Are Guy’s Favorite These Days, Knetz Discuss

Even if Jang Won-young, Sullyoon and all other female idols seems most popular lately, Karina and Winter are most popular in the sights of guys nowadays. They are their favorite. Knetizens are reacting to this


They are IU-level. The idols that get the goddess treatment on female community sites like Jang Wonyoung or Sullyoon are weirdly not popular. And if they must find someone to stan in their group, it would be either Ahn Yujin or Kazuha, these two are unexpectedly popular

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Karina is more popular than we imagined in males

2. In South High…Karina…Winter is…God…

3. There are a lot of Karina Winter, and Pna Baek Ji-heon is also popular..

4. Personally, Karina Jang Won-young is pretty on stage, but offstage, winter is soft and Eugene is neatly pretty. Blackpink is also Jennie on stage. Jisoo is off stage.

5. Men’s glamorous cuteness is one of these two, but this is Karina Winter

6. Of course lol. Karina Winter is in the top 3 Korean female idol looks. For reference, the top three are Karina Winter Jang Won-young.

7. There are a lot of Karinas around me. I go to math class, teacher Karina is the best idol in my life lol

8. I like Ahn Yujin, Karina Kazuha, and Minji

9. Anyway, Jang Won-young and Karina are the top.

10. Karina


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