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KEPLER Kim Dayeon And A Male Idol Has Been Exposed, Knetizens Gossip

Kepler Kim Dayeon and Cliipher Won were exposed, they are been accused of dating

“#Kep1er #KimDayeon #Ciipher #Won”

Kep1er’s comeback is tomorrow and this is legendary..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wasn’t Kim Dayeon someone with a spiteful and ambitious character? That’s how I remembered her.. Just why would she make her relationship obvious as a rookie?

2. I used to think that there were so many idols that in order to become friends, they had to be in the same company or have some point of contact but seems like the celebrity world was smaller than I thought.
3. How can this happen one day before their comeback?
4. If they want to date, then don’t make it obvious. Why do they want to make it obvious so bad?
5. If it’s not Chaehyun, Shen Xiaoting, Yeseo and Mashiro, nobody would care if Kep1er were dating. Even if you were a fan of the group, you’d just feel like “oh really?” and that’s it. Your fans didn’t vote for you to see you date so at least take care of your own fans
6. But it’s seriously unexpected how Kim Dayeon was the one getting caught and not another member

7. Ciipher, aren’t these male idols made by Rain?

8. What kind of hearsay is Dayeon dating?


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