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“Kim Chaewon Is A Treasure” Knetz React To LE SSERAFIM Live Performance On Stage

Knetizens thinks LE SSERAFIM is the best on stage among the 4th generation girl groups
LE SSERAFIM – ANTIFRAGILE + Impurities + No Celestial (4k)


Intro + No Celestial

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Their performances seem to be the best among 4th generation female idols. The songs are so stylish and amazing

2. Out of the 4th generation girl groups, they seem to do the best on stage

3. Kim Chaewon is a treasure. She sings well, dances well, has a good voice.. And I can see that the other members practiced a lot

4. I felt it at the awards ceremony a while ago, but I like the feeling that they’re investing a lot in their performances

5. The song is addictive. Eunchae is so cute

6. Why does Kazuha look like a mix of Suzy and Kim Go Eun? Every time I see her, she’s so pretty

7. Kazuha’s skills are growing and she’s so pretty

8. I think HYBE female idols will be even more popular in the future. They spend a lot of money on MV, stage, choreography, and songs

9. Yunjin’s facial expressions are crazy…. The choreography is so cool

10. The lyrics are good, the stage is good, the choreography is good


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