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Kim Chaewon’s Appearance As A Member Of LE SSERAFIM Has Changed Significantly From Her Time With IZ*ONE.

Internet users talked about how Kim Chaewon’s image has drastically changed since her days as an IZ*ONE member.Isn’t it awesome how much Kim Chaewon’s image changed? a netizen asked in a post on an online forum on October 24. Here, the internet user contrasted images of Kim Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM who was previously promoting as an IZ*ONE member with those of her who is currently promoting as an LE SSERAFIM member.As an IZ*ONE member, Kim Chaewon is seen wearing more vibrant clothing and projecting a cuter image; as an LE SSERAFIM member, however, she projects a more “hip” and mature image, drawing attention. She got so hip, loll, the netizen continued.As a part of IZ*ONE, Kim Chaewon:Kim Chaewon is a member of LE SSERAFIM.Internet users responded by saying:Is it just me, or does she seem to like me more now?But that image of her with the pink hair is renowned.Both are attractive, but her current look is more attention-grabbing and gives the impression that she is a celebrity.”She was attractive to me then and she still is now. However, I prefer her current style, lol. She is attracting lots of interest.”She is now a million times prettier, in my opinion.”Her face is prettier now, but I prefer the styling she had back when she was in IZ*ONE.”She presents well in any concept she chooses.Personally, I prefer her IZ*ONE days.”Is it just me, or does she seem more attractive now than she did then? Back then, TT, I really liked Chaewon. She does, however, better fit the LE SSERAFIM idea.”She was charming when she was a member of IZ*ONE as well, but she is much trendier now.

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