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Kim Junsu: “I’m not in a relationship with Lovelyz’s Kei” denies again

Kim Junsu reiterated that the dating rumors with his agency colleague Lovelyz Kei were not true.

Kim Junsu appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program ‘These days of men’s life – Groom’s Lesson’, which aired on the 14th.

On this day’s broadcast, Junsu Kim had a blind date with Hwang Seokjeong, arranged by Haemi Park.

Park Hae-mi also appeared on the blind date. Park Hae-mi introduced Kim Junsu as “a cherished younger brother and a junior in the musical world.” She further emphasized that she “has not had any scandals with women during that time.”

When Junsu Kim burst out laughing in embarrassment, Hae-mi Park said, “Isn’t it? Right? Have you ever been?” she asked, expressing her curiosity.

Shin Bong-sun and Lee Seung-cheol, who were watching this with the VCR, said, “If you know, there are many… ” and drove Kim Junsu away.

Then Kim Junsu said, “It’s not a lot. It’s a misunderstanding. Earlier, when reports came out last month that Junsu Kim is dating his colleague Kei, he denied that it was “groundless.”

When Lee Seung-cheol said he didn’t know about the recent dating rumors, Shin Bong-sun said, “Junsu had a scandal with a junior friend a while ago.”

Then, Seungcheol Lee responded, “It’s a little different with family members,” and made everyone laugh. Kim Junsu denied his dating rumors again, saying, “Absolutely not.”

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