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Knetizens Are Saying Jisoo Had A Plastic Surgery In New Photo

Knetz are doubting Blackpink Jisoo’s look, thinking she plasticized her nose….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If you look at Jisoo’s face and nose 4 days ago, it’s a bulge and it’s not a plasticized nose. If you say that, Jisoo’s rhinoplasty in 4 days, bruises and swelling are removed

2. Does it look like she had surgery because her nose is so pretty?

3. The article picture is crazy.

4. The picture you posted looks like it was photoshopped

5. It’s common for a nose to come out sharp like that depending on the picture, but they always make rumors with something like that.

6. Every single thing is pretty

7. But that picture came out like a bit of plastic surgery, huh?! But looking at the other photos, I just thought she was pretty.

8. Looking at today’s fansign photo, she was pretty… The forehead line is also soft and really pretty

9. It’s amazing.. Is there anything more you can touch about Jisoo’s beauty.. It’s so perfect

10. Where is the time for plastic surgery


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