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Knetizens Condemn BLACKPINK Original Choreography ‘Pink Venom’ Posted On Leejung’s Instagram

Knetizens are saying the choreography is not great but she dance well

That’s the part Rijeong made

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The choreography itself isn’t great, but it looks good because it’s done well. The part where you take your hand like choking is good. “Stop Drop Eye Bringer Pain Like” Just this part. this part is good

2. Rijeong is good, but her choreography is not that good ㅜㅜㅋ It’s too hairy

3. It’s because the camera angle is weird, so the choreography isn’t very cool haha I haven’t seen the final choreography so I can’t compare it hehe

4. Rijeong’s dance is cool, but it doesn’t feel right for idol choreography

5. Wow, it’s powerful before. It doesn’t seem like a choreography while performing live, but it’s cool.

6. She is good at dancing, but I don’t know if the choreography goes well with the song, I don’t know anymore because the camera is weird

7. In the video, Rijeong itself is very cool, but the choreography is not good…

8. Looks like a real venom

9. Rijeong is cool but her choreography is not good

10. The choreography is not good, but it dances well.


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