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Knetizens Debate On Park Shin-Hye’s Most Frustrating Character

What is the most frustrating character of actress Park Shin-Hye? See Knetizens Reactions below


For me it’s Memories of the Alhambra’s Heejoo.. Please

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Cha Eunsang… Seriously I can’t rewatch The Heirs because of her

2. Aside from Doctors, all her characters were frustrating..

3. Cha Eunsang for me…

4. Han Jungseo for me

5. At this rate, does she have a knack for playing frustrating characters…?

6. Alhambra’s story as a whole was freaking frustrating, but in terms of characters, it has to be Cha Eunsang

7. Cha Eunsang for me

8. Flower Boys… her “Hyung-nim!!”

9. Her character in The Call

10. Me too Cha Eunsang

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