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Knetizens Disapprove BTS Friendship With BIGBANG

Knetizens don’t want BTS to be friends with BIGBANG, see Knetizens Reactions below


Some members seem to be close personally

The sun on RM Instagram

GD who posted a picture of himself
like J-Hope Pressed like J-Hope
Soldiers attached to GD came to take coordinates and came to manipulate the baffle

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Bulletproof Run away, don’t get involved

2. They just can’t get along with V

3. It’s good to see Big Bang’s BTS friendship.

4. BIGBANG is just a cause, it’s like watching a bulletproof demon fight

5. BIGBANG and BTS really feel like the worldview is collapsing

6. What’s going on with V’s stake Is there only V in BTS?

7. It’s not a friendship, it’s an event invitation, gals.

8. To be honest, BTS has far surpassed BIGBANG now, but wouldn’t they be idols when they were active in BIGBANG? Especially GD Taehyung

9. The reason V wanted to do individual activities seems to be because he wanted to play with celebrities for the price of his BTS name ㅋㅋ The GD of the event that should appear is already lining up ㅋㅋ Other celebrities are also BTS, but in many cases, they have GD connections. After I went, I went. There would be no reason for it if it wasn’t a transfer relationship.. I wish V could explain it a bit.

10. I wish BIGBANG BTS would socialize more often


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