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[KNETIZENS] Girl Crush Songs Like ‘I’M THE BEST’ Are All Outdated At This Point

It’s noisy and the lyrics are simple, so it’s not good I thought it was just me, but looking at the chart, I understand more

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Looking at the chart, I don’t know more

2. In the beginning, I often hear that I love it

3. This year’s best female idol’s song is lovely Tomboy girl narcissism king of the end

4. These are songs that are really too popular for that

5. Just looking at BLACKPINK makes me feel out of date

6.Girl, I’m the best st song = A song that is loud and has simple lyrics’ I don’t think this is it, but
the former is still good, and the latter, if you follow this description, the song itself is not good

7. Simply nah! It ‘s not about the lyrics, it’s the song itself

8. That’s right

9. Watch Love Dive lol


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