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Knetizens Notice Each Members Of LE SSERAFIM Has Different Types Of Passport


Kim Chaewon, green old version

Hong Eunchae, blue new version

The US

Huh Yunjin


Sakura, valid for 10 years

Kazuha, valid for 5 years

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Japanese passports have different colors depending on the expiration date?

2. There are a lot of people who don’t know that Huh Yunjin is American

3. Well, there are more foreigners than Koreans

4. I’m so jealous of Huh Yunjin

5. Huh Yunjin is American, LE SSERAFIM is a group that has more foreigners than Koreans

6. Why am I always surprised that Kazuha is Japanese?

7. No, every time they enter Korea, only two of them are Korean, and the other three must come as foreigners

8. Huh Yunjin is American?

9. I didn’t know Huh Yunjin was American at all

10. I didn’t know that Huh Yunjin was American and Kazuha was Japanese


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