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Knetizens Obsessed With BLACKPINK Jennie/Jisoo Concept Teaser Videos

As shared by an original poster from Theqoo, it appears Knetizens are really into Jisoo and Jennie’s concept teaser videos with these two being the only ones out of all the four teasers that are to be released. Where are Rose and Lisa?



Knetz React

  1. Jisoo Wow.. I can’t help but admire.
  2. Jisoo looks good on pink, the eye makeup is so pretty
  3. Jenny Jisoo is crazy, crazy beauty
  4. Jisoo’s original visuals are hard, but especially this time, Hemeko is so pretty, right?
  5. Wow.. Jenny is cute but her pose is… really cool
  6. Jenny is crazy
  7. Does it make sense that the title is longer than the face in the video? Oh, give me more
  8. Jisoo’s face is so funny, the video sound is good, I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK’s comeback
  9. Jisoo’s Jenny’s visuals, from music to fonts, are very short, but the impact is no joke.
  10. It’s like a movie, Jisoo, Jennie, has lost more weight, her face is the size of a bean… .
  11. If there are four members, then share all..
  12. It may be because YG has only finished two edits yet…

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