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Knetizens Question Jang Won-young’s Side Profile

Knetz are talking about Jang Won-young side profile pictures


I touched my chin and then touched my nose, but what has changed? I really don’t know.. It seems like everyone has been brainwashed by the regulars. Wonyoung Jang writes once a day what they did with their chin and nose ㅇㅇ

Look at the photos comparing them

As you can see from the photos of IZ*ONE, Jang Won-young’s chin is very small.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The captains of the regular soldiers fake Jang Won-young, who has not been on a hiatus for less than two months since her debut, as plastic surgery on her eyes, nose, and chin.

2. It’s just that the regulars go crazy

3. The nose is really pretty. Wonyoung Jang’s nose is like a treasure.

4. I wonder where you got your lips, let’s stop adding filters

5. I’m glad Jang Won-young is also an aristocrat.

6. But, except for the eyebrows, Jang Won-young looks better in the shop now, but I don’t like her makeup when she was in IZ*ONE because her eyes were too narrow.

7. From the beginning, was there a gap between Jang Won-young and her nose and chin?

8. You look pretty here and you look pretty there…

9. No, but what about celebrities getting plastic surgery? It’s not a crime. These days, ordinary people also get plastic surgery on parts of their appearance complex, and in the field of grooming, celebrities are getting their faces known on TV, but what if they stop doing what they do to look pretty?

10. All the people who say anything about Wonyoung Jang’s face come out the same as dolls every time they take a picture.


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