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Knetizens React Shockingly To BTS Going To Military Service

BTS members is going military service in South Korea starting with Jin, Knetizens are shocked

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It seems like breaking news for them that BTS is going

2. Even if it’s breaking news, BTS got so much attention from the country

3. To be honest, I wish the country would turn off their attention

4. No wonder they move hybe stock

5. Bulletproof comeback and performance news are news about the Korean economy

6. Bulletproof is all about breaking news, but what about the military

7. Because it’s bulletproof

8. It’s not because it’s the military, the news about BTS’s comeback is also breaking news, so it’s probably because it’s BTS

9. Because it’s BTS, breaking news comes out

10. BTS appears every day on economic news


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