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Knetizens React To Blackpink World Tour Venue And Information and Size

Below are Blackpink World tour venues for their concert along with their sizes and informations

<USA Tour>
Dallas American airlines Arena accommodates up to 20,000 people


Toyota center

19,300 people at concert


State Farm Arena

18,000 seats


Firstontario center

19,000 people at concert

Chicago Episode 2

United center

23,500 people at concert


Bank of California Stadium

22,000 capacity

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Originally, it could accommodate 20,000 people, but in reality it can accommodate about 10,000 people

2. Blackpink is out of date, it’s the 3rd generation, now the 4th generation is the trend

3. Originally, it was 160,000 in North America alone, but it was only 280,000 in the 14th concert due to the additional concert in North America. It’s a fact that you only have to fill up to 1.5 million.

4. A concert with a VIP ticket price of 1.4-2 million won with a total of 14 performances scheduled to attract about 260,000 people

5. They said they were so proud of their stadium tour, but ㅋㅋ 20,000 seats ㅋㅋㅋ The stadium

6. Looking at this, it’s great that in the US and Japan there are many stadiums to perform in

7. BLACKPINK is outdated, 3rd generation is slowly ending, now 4th generation is trending

8. Look at BTS’s tour


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