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Knetizens React To BTS J-Hope’s Side View, “He Looks Excited”

Knetizens says J-Hope is insane because of his beautiful side view

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Hobi has so many abilities and so many charms

2. His nose is crazy, I’m so jealous…

3. Jung Hoseok is so cool

4. I feel J-Hope is the coolest in BTS, he quietly does his job well and works hard..

5. I like all the BTS hyungs these days, but I like Hobi the most. He’s so cute

6. Hoseok, the older he gets, the more attractive he becomes

7. This is not a malicious comment, it’s because his nose is really pretty.. Is it his nose?? If it’s his nose, it’s a national treasure

8. How do you not like Hobi ㅠ People around him say he is kind and he works hard and is good at his job.

9. He looks excited..

10. It’s nice and you look pretty


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