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Knetizens React To ENHYPEN’s Concert In The US, “So Beautiful”

Knetizens are praising Enhypen’s concert in the US, they are really amazing…..


Well ENHYPEN’s concert in the US is daebak

It was the first day of the North American tour, and they’re seriously amazing.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s amazing how big the concert hall is… I heard that it is popular abroad, but it seems there are more than I thought..

2. Th Enhypen is really popular overseas..

3. Isn’t 17,000 seats almost high-class? it’s really popular

4. I was surprised because ENHYPEN is so much bigger than I thought.. I’m proud of that too..

5. Isn’t 17,000 seats a high number? They are really popular

6. So beautiful

7. They are so popular

8. It’s amazing how big the concert hall is… I heard that they are popular overseas, but looks like they are more popular than I thought..

9. ENHYPEN is seriously so popular overseas..

10. ENHYPEN is amazing


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