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Knetizens React To Jennie Being The Main Rapper In BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom

Blackpink Jennie is really a good rapper and she really deserve being a Main Rapper in the group, Knetz are praising Jennie’s rapping talent.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jennie is really crazy, I fell in love as soon as I heard the introduction

2. Wow Jenny was originally a rapper??? Well done

3. Jennie Position: Main Rapper & Lead Vocal!!!

4. pop pop <This part is so damn good

5. The volume is also very good

6. There’s a reason Jennie is the main rapper.

7. Jenny has good skills, but she also seems to have a star personality. Her person is so attractive.

8. I was hoping for rap, but it exceeded my expectation

9. I like Jennie’s rap, there’s no ticking or childish thing, her communication is good, her vocals are crazy

10. The rap part that leads to Lisa and Jennie itself is a bummer.


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