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Knetizens React To Mamamoo 12th Mini Album Concept Photos, “The Concept Is Crazy”

Knetz are discussing and reacting to Mamamoo’s 12th Mini Album Concept Photos….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Moonbyul and Hwasa are cool

2. Moonbyul chewed over this concept again, everyone suits it
3. Hweein suits this, she’s too pretty
4. They look sporty, maybe we’ll have an upbeat song?? I’m looking forward
5. Moonbyul and Hwasa look so dope Solar is f*cking pretty too
6. Is this a sporty concept? I’m looking forward
7. Wow Moonbyul is dope

8. The concept is nice, they’re too pretty

9. This concept is crazy, they’re all pretty. Moonbyul and Hwasa fit this perfectly
10. Is this a refreshing song? Moonbyul is freaking pretty


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