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Knetizens React To NMIXX Kyujin, Sullyoon And Bae’s Concept Photos For ENTWURF

Knetz are discussing about NMIXX idols members Kyujin, Sullyoon And Bae’s photos at the concept for ENTWURF




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Knetizens Reactions:

1. Bae came out well

2. The accessories are gorgeous, but only the face is visible

3. Bae is really the best person anyone can see

4. Sullyoon is a real princess

5. I really like this teaser

6. Kyujin is a real nerd. Everyone is pretty

7. Kyujin is good at posing.

8. Sullyoon would be a good fit as a model for a telecommunication company

9. Every time I see the teaser, I think it’s too low-budget, isn’t it Jeff?

10 They are all pretty


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