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Knetizens React To The Current Shocking State Of BLACKPINK

Knetz are shocked with the current state of Blackpink


This time, it was horribly applied to Ive, and the last time, isn’t it really rocking? Blackpink Big Bang Icon BTS Girls’ Generation ESPA TWICE TWO Level Red Velvet Ive Red Velvet EXO Itzy Kids Mamamoo IU Treasure Stray Kids Tubatu New Jeans

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Anyway, it’s a fact that there is not a single female idol group that exceeds their Blackpink career so far hahahaha

2. I’m sorry, but BLACKPINK isn’t really a long-running 3rd generation female idol… It seems like they’re the only group that’s in 2nd or 3rd place hahahahahahahaha

3. It’s now the 4th generation instead of the 3rd generation, so it’s almost all passed to the 4th generation..

4. Anyone can see it was uploaded by an Ive fan lol

5. But Ive’s song isn’t even a national song, so why is it at number one? It’s strange. It’s not even a hit song in history, but it’s more than it looks.

6. TWICE is still the best

7. It’s like I’m angry at Ive New Jeans

8. Conversely, Korea is the only country where the world’s strongest girl group, Black Pink, does not take the top spot

9. To be honest, I think it will be difficult to come out with a female idol who can beat BLACKPINK… ?If you look at the heyday of BLACKPINK, no matter how good Ive is, it is said that she will not be able to do better than in her prime… Of course, Ive is also one of the best groups.

10. Ive seems to be more popular these days


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