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Knetizens Recommend English Kpop Songs

Knetz are discussing and mentioning kpop English songs… See below


It’s a bit weird but


NCT Dream: I Don’t Need Your Love

NCT: Highway To Heaven

AESPA: Life’s Too Short

Let’s add more!

Featurings are good too!!!
Some songs I can listen to in my company and pretend they are pop songs

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Girls’ Generation: Diamond

2. Nct127: What we talkin’ bout

3. ATEEZ: One Day at A Time

4. BTS: Waste it on me

5. Nayeon (TWICE) No problem

6. Seventeen: 2 minus 1

7. Black Ice Cream

8. Kiss of fire

9. TXT: Magic

10. Bangtan: Yet To Come


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