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Knetizens Roasted EXO Suho For His Controversial Comment Yesterday

Knetz criticised EXO Suho for his Controversial Comment yesterday

Thank goodness it didn’t rain today. You all are aware of my ability, right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really apologize for a few days ago.
He made light of the current flooding by joking that it was his talent that caused so many casualties. His remarks went beyond far.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. However, it seems that everytime a calamity occurs, people always make jokes about Lee Seunggi.

2. When did making jokes about natural disasters become a meme? There were numerous casualties, which is not amusing.

3. He’s insignificant, yet there were even fatalities.

4. People are always making criticisms.

5. How in the world is SM acting? He is unaware of the severity of natural calamities.

6. You are creating controversy by yourself.

7. Someone has lost their life, family, or livelihood due to the heavy rain, and they are talking about it in their leisure time.

8. It’s sensitive, but this is harsh.. U went too far

9. Do the kids who crack this know that Suho has real superpowers and made disasters with rain?

10. Why are you so interested in what EXO was doing while blaring a dog every day that it was ruined? It seems like they are more interested than fans


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