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Knetizens Say NMIXX Looks Better Without Lily

Knetz are discussing NMIXX without Lily

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Lily doesn’t really fit into a girl group, her face and voice…

2. Without Lily, they can’t even sing a song

3. It’s rude.. It’s true that it’s okay to go solo, but i didn’t think that her voice didn’t suit Nmix’s songs, but she dances very well.

4. What are you saying? Lily is the main vocal member

5. Your parents also think like that when they look at you

6. Without Lily, they couldn’t even sing a song

7. But I think I know what you mean. Lily’s face or voice doesn’t suit a Korean girl group

8. To be honest, Lily’s face and voice don’t fit with the girl group.. She’s good at singing so she should’ve been solo

9. But they already debuted, Lily or her fans will be heartbroken when they see this kind of posts

10. Lily is the only way the song survives..


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